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Myth Busters Lesson

Objective:  The student will design and carry out his own experiment, represent and analyze the data, and create a MythBusters video episode to present the project to his classmates.

TEKS - 8.12C - The student uses statistical procedures to describe data. The student is expected to select and use an appropriate representation for presenting and displaying relationships among collected data, including line plots, line graphs, stem and leaf plots, circle graphs, bar graphs, box and whisker plots, histograms, and Venn diagrams, with and without the use of technology.

TEKS - 8.14A - The student applies Grade 8 mathematics to solve problems connected to everyday experiences, investigations in other disciplines, and activities in and outside of school. The student is expected to identify and apply mathematics to everyday experiences, to activities in and outside of school, with other disciplines, and with other mathematical topics.

Time needed:
Short version: to be used with students who have excellent knowledge of Movie Maker and Excel.  Students will be expected to complete the project outside of class.  
Day 1 - MythBusters Episode & Brainstorming
Day 2 - Experiment & Film
Day 3 - Experiment or Lab Time
Day 4 - Lab Time
Day 5 - Presentations
Day 6 - “Best of” Presentations (optional, but fun)