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Student Project Ideas

“Hugs – Signs vs. Shirts”
  • One student wore a shirt that said “Free Hugs”, another student held a sign that said the same.  They then tested students in the hallways to determine which was more effective, the sign or the shirt.  (The shirt won!)
“Shooting Sheep”       
  • Students chose subjects in various age categories and had them perform a reaction test.  The computer based test, made the subject shoot an arrow as a sheep ran across the screen.  The students proved that teenagers had faster reaction times than adults.
“Apple Schmear”
  • Students batted at apples with a tennis racket, baseball bat, and golf club to determine which instrument would cause the most destruction to the apple.
“Flying Fruit”
  • Students used a water balloon sling shot to fling fruit at a tree.  They then measured the splatter radius to determine which fruit flew the farthest upon impact.